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Make a video

February 22nd, 2010
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We haven’t gotten to the point of requiring yet, but we’re close! With the increased competitiveness in the market for teaching in Korea, we are looking at ways to make our teachers stand out. One of the biggest suggestions I have for anyone applying is to make a 30-60 second introduction video. Why? School directors are busy people. They only want to interview candidates that they are really sure about. However, many applicants get glossed over when all that the school sees is the resume and photo.

So, if there is a 30-60 second clip available and all the school has to do is click on a link, then you have a window of opportunity to sell yourself directly to the decision-maker. Basically, you become a person. Before that, you are just another name that doesn’t really mean much to them (regardless of what we tell them about you). However, once you are live on video, you have the chance to create an impression in the director’s mind and your likelihood of getting an interview request increases.

Also, you show that you are more dedicated than other applicants because you’ve taken an extra step that they haven’t. Thus, you have set yourself apart from the competition.

So, borrow a camera or an iPhone and just upload something to Youtube and then send it along to us. You can use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to do minor edits.

So, give it a shot and send us the link and we’ll use it with your application.

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