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Hangul 광주시
Hanja 廣州市
Area431.61 km2 (166.65 sq mi)
Population (2006)214,498
Population density497 /km² (1,290 /sq mi)
Administrative divisions1 eup, 3 dong, 6 myeon
Location map
Image:Map Gwangju-si.png

Gwangju is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, southeast of Seoul. The city is not to be confused with the much larger Gwangju Metropolitan City, former capital of South Jeolla Province, South Korea. The city also shares the same Hanja (Chinese characters) name as the mainland Chinese city of Guangzhou.

Bunwon-ri in Gwangju took an important role of ceramic production during the Joseon dynasty. There had official kilns and produced superb quality of white porcelains for use at the royal court and to export to China.[1]


Modern history

In 1962, 4 myuns(towns) including 5 ris(townships) were incorporated to Seoul.[2]

In 1973, 6 of ris were separated and these came to parts of Seongnam city. In 1979, gwangju myun promoted eup. In fact, Gwangju was county but raised the status of itself as a city in 2001. [3]

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  2. Law concerning Seoul metropolitan city, provinces, counties, districts and counties(1962. 11. 21.)
  3. Establishment of new cities including Hwasung.(2000. 12. 20.)

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Coordinates: 37°22′N 127°17′E / 37.367, 127.283

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