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Welcome to the ASK Now Wiki

We will be continuing to add information regarding the schools we work with as well as all other relevant information about teaching in South Korea with ASK Now.

There are listings for almost all cities in Korea, different foods, entertainment and many other categories.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to contribute to the Wiki.

Jason and The ASK Now Team

Visit the main ASK Now site here: ASK Now Main Site


Getting started


To search for a city, school, or other info, just type it into the search box to the left and you will either be directly brought to the resource or given a selection of possible matches.

Note: There are different types of links. Links in blue are active wiki links to go deeper on a certain topic. Other blue links with an arrow will take you to an outside source. Links in red are pages that are not yet created.

If the page you are looking for doesn't exist yet, it is probably under construction and a general Google search is also an option.

Editing and Creating

You are welcome to add to the ASK Now Wiki. This project is collaborative and ongoing. Please add information about the city you live in or places you've visited throughout the country.

If you would like to edit pages, please contact us so we can give you permission to edit. Due to spam issues, we verify all contributors first.

You can create a new page by typing it into the search box. If the page doesn't already exist, you will see an option to create it. For example, if you want to create a page about a great restaurant in your neighborhood, type in the name of it and then simply create the page. Then, add as much relevant information as you can.

Here is a link to Wiki editing basics: How to edit a WikiYou can open it in a new page and follow the simple rules.

But, don't worry about the fancy stuff. Just type away! If you can use a word processing program like Microsoft Word, you can add to a Wiki.

Popular Pages


Please be sure not to use copyrighted work without permission. While it is ok to use information from Wikipedia if it is referenced correctly, it would not be ok to copy info from other copyrighted material.

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