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Musaengchae (무생채)

This is a very typical Korean side dish. The radishes are thinly sliced and, although lithe, maintain a crisp texture. The taste is very bright, and can be refreshing for anyone who enjoys radishes.

General recipe:

  • Slice a radish into thin strips
  • Mix to taste with the following: 고춧가루 (red pepper powder), 설탕 or 물엿 (sugar or starch syrup), 참깨 (sesame seeds), 멸치액젓 (fish sauce), 마늘찧은것 (minced garlic), and 생강즙 (ginger juice).
  • Finish by adding salt to taste.

Occasionally, the dish also includes thin slices of 호박 (Korean pumpkin similar to zucchini) or 파 (leeks).

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