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Hangul 영천시
Hanja 永川市
Area919.76 km2 (355.12 sq mi)
Population (2003)113,807 [1]
Population density123.7 /km² (320 /sq mi)
Administrative divisions1 eup, 10 myeon, 5 dong
Location map
Image:Map Yeongcheon-si.png

Yeongcheon is a city in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea.

Yeongcheon is located 350 km southeast of Seoul, in the southeast of North Gyeongsang Province. It is on the Gyeongbu Expressway linking Seoul and Busan, and is also the junction of the Jungang and Daegu railway lines.


Economy of Yeongcheon

As a rural city, many of Yeongcheon's citizens farm to earn their living. The most well-known crop is the grape, which is generally large, seeded and often peeled before consuming (due to Koreans' concern over fertilizers and pesticides).


The Bohyeon Mountain Starlight Festival takes place in summer and is centered in the Bohyeon Mountain Observatory, which houses the third-largest telescope in Korea. In late summer, the Grape Festival takes place, hosting events such as the Miss Grape contest and a grape-eating competition. Yeongcheon is also well-known for its Herbal Medicine Festival, which takes place in October and hosts traditional singing and lots of herbs.


Notable individuals born in the city include Goryeo period general Choe Mu-seon and Goryeo intellectual Jeong Mong-ju. Yeongcheon's population is largely ethnically Korean. Yeongcheon is home to a growing number of non-Korean wives from South-East Asia. The city government subsidizes marriage tours by male residents to Vietnam, to compensate for migration to Korea's cities.

Notable Tourist Destinations

Tourists to Yeongcheon are few, but popular destinations include Eunhaesa Temple, the War Memorial Park, Cyan Art Gallery, Yeongcheon Dam, the Jeong Sowon and Gatbawi.

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ko:영천시 ja:永川市 (慶尚北道) ru:Йончхон (город) sv:Yeongcheon tl:Yeongcheon zh:永川市

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