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Hangul 용인시
Hanja 龍仁市
Area592 km2 (229 sq mi)
Population (2007)787,857 [1]
Population density1,330.8 /km² (3,447 /sq mi)
Administrative divisions3 gu, 22 dong, 1 eup, 6 myeon

Yongin is a city in the south of Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, approximately 40 km south of Seoul. It has developed very abruptly since the late 1990s. Home to Everland, South Korea's most popular amusement park, it is a large city by area, though the city centre itself is rather compact. Yongin is also a very disparate city: the more recently developed areas to the north-west in Suji-gu, which borders Seongnam's Bundang Gu and the city of Suwon, are more affluent, whereas the more southern areas and the city centre itself are notably less so.

Yongin houses several universities, namely Yongin University, noted for its sports courses, Myeongji University's Yongin Campus (the other is in Seoul), Hankuk University of Foreign Studies' Yongin Campus (the other is in Imun Dong, in Seoul's Dongdaemun Gu), the Police University, Kangnam University (named for its former campus in Gangnam-gu in Seoul), Yongin Songdam College, and a new campus for Dankook University in Jukjeon Dong, Suji Gu. The Korean Folk Village, the largest and most expensive to visit of the many around the country, is in Yongin. It is oft-visited, largely because of its proximity to Seoul and Suwon, but is considered more artificial than others in the country.

An IB World School with a boarding program for foreign students, sits on the border of Yongin and Suwon - Gyeonggi Suwon International School


Administrative districts

See also: Administrative divisions of South Korea

The city is divided into 3 gu (districts):


Yongin is served by trains on the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. The Bundang Line has been extended into Yongin, calling at Jukjeon and Bojeong Stations, and this is currently being extended south. Another new line is currently being built. Named the EverLine Rapid Transit System, this is scheduled to open in 2009 and will link to the Bundang Line at Giheung Station. Yongin also has an intercity bus terminal in the city centre, though the densely settled northern areas are served better by the terminal in Yatap-dong, Seongnam. Rumors have surfaced that claim the final subway stop (Bojeong) on the Bundang line in Yongin is only temporary, but this is untrue; the terminal is permanent and in good working order.

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