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Do I need a TEFL/TESOL certificate?

If you have been in touch with our company for a while, you may have seen us say before that a TESOL certification is not required. As for the visa process, that is true, it is not a visa requirement. In the past, the supply of jobs was so high that even without a TEFL/TESOL certificate, one could easily get placed with any BA.

But then....

The financial crisis in 2008-2009 changed everything. Suddenly, people in Western countries such as the US and Canada were losing jobs at an alarming rate. So, more and more people started to look abroad for work. People who would not have considered teaching in Korea a year before suddenly started applying to teach. Then, for the first time ever, there began to be more teachers than jobs. We were shocked.

Schools are now looking for teachers that stand out and have something to show that they are serious about teaching. They want to see that the applicant has some kind of knowledge of what to do in the class and that they were willing to spend some time/money on improving their ability to teach.

Fast-forward to the GEPIK public school intake for February/March 2010 positions. There were 1078 applicants for 196 positions. That's close to 10 applicants for every job. The school board decided to only accept Level 2 teachers and up. Anyone that was a Level 3 automatically got cut.

What does it take to move from Level 3 to Level 2?

A 100-hour TEFL course.

So, in January of 2010, ASK Now-ETO approached the world's leading provider of TEFL courses, International TEFL Teacher Training (ITTT) in order to develop a parnership that would allow applicants to our company to receive a discounted price on their 100-hour TEFL certification. We chose to work with ITTT because of their experience, the quality of the programs they provide, and the extremely competitive price at which they offer their certification.

There are two types of online TEFL courses offered by ITTT. One with tutor support where you get to interact with a tutor, and for those that are on a really tight budget, a course without tutor support. If at all possible, we highly recommend the tutor support option. This is not just a piece of paper that you are obtaining, this is something that will really help give you confidence and knowledge in the classroom.

As for pricing...

tefl pricing

Special Pricing for ASK Now-ETO Applicants

tefl special price

100-hour with Tutor (suggested)
Regular: $295 USD
Special: $265 USD

100-hour without Tutor
Regular: $190 USD
Special: $175 USD


More details on the course from the ITTT website:

tefl outline.

After studying the material in each module, you complete a task sheet, which is also emailed to you, and return it to your tutor. You can then request that the next one or two modules be emailed to you along with the grade and feedback from the previous module.

Once you have successfully completed the 20 modules, a final grade will be provide along with a letter of recommendation and your new online TEFL certificate!

Cost for our Online TEFL Certification Course with Tutor Support: US$ 295 (Regular Price, see above for ASK Now-ETO special)

Taking this course without Tutor support

Modules are emailed to you (with the exception of Module 15 which you can download or receive on a CD-ROM by mail) along with a task sheet for you to complete after studying each module's material.

You can continue to monitor your own progress in this way and once you have studied all 20 modules and completed all of the task sheets, you can download the final exam. The average amount of time is 6 hours to complete the exam, however it must be completed within a 24-hour time period.

Upon successful completion of the final exam you will be sent your final grade, a letter of recommendation and your new TEFL certificate!

Cost for our online TEFL Certification Course without Tutor Support: US$ 190(Regular Price, see above for ASK Now-ETO special)


Still not sure? Have a look at what past graduates of ITTT have to say about their experience:

TEFL Course - Testimonials

Claim a new and exciting job opportunity today! Visiting another part of the world for free while earning excellent money is not unrealistic. In fact, it’s easily accessible, and you can do it! There are boundless positions available to teach English