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Mudfest Tix and T-Shirt Contest

May 11th, 2010

Hello Mudfesters,

If you are a hagwon teacher, chances are you got paid on Monday…so now that you have a bit of cash in your account, what better time to confirm your Mudfest trip?

(scan to the bottom if you are interested in the T-shirt design contest)

Update as of May 12th: We are 2 months away from departure and are well over half-way full on everything.

1. We are extending our second round of Early-Bird pricing for as long as we can for the rooms that we have already booked as we know what the prices are. Once those are full, if we do another round, we are not sure what the price will go up to (closer we get, the higher the price the motels want)

2. Accommodations are in motels with a max of 4 per room. You create your own group. You must submit as a group as you are paying for a room, not just an individual trip. If you are only 3 in your group, it costs more per person, and 2 per group is just too expensive, so get a couple of friends to go together.

3. If you don’t have a group, or need one or two extra, just post on the Wall of our Facebook group. We are not getting involved in any matching. It’s up to you to post “need 2 people to share with,” “need one more member for our group” or “solo, looking for group” or whatever.

Note: Yes, it is ok to have different departures for your group. So, if you are in Bundang, you can team up with some in Gwangju or wherever.

4. Payment must be made at one time, not separately. Assign a group leader and that’s the person who will communicate with us, make the payment, confirm the payment etc…

5. We are leaving on Friday to get the most out of the weekend. Depending on departure, everyone will be arriving pretty late Friday, but then you wake up at the beach and don’t need to worry about catching a bus early Saturday morning.

What you get:

-Transportation to and from the beach

-Two nights of accommodation in a motel

-Max of 4 people per room

-Absolute best locations…closest to the action and the beach. Can’t get any closer than where we are to everything.

-Free special edition Mudfest T-shirt

-Travel Insurance Coverage

-Staff on call from morning till night

Please visit this link for all of the pricing info and sign-up info. Please read through everything thoroughly before taking any action and before emailing any questions! If you read it 3 times, you’ll get the answer to 9.9 out of 10 questions.

Ready? Go:


List of Departure Locations:

Gangnam Seoul 9pm

Hongdae Seoul 9pm

Gangnam Seoul Midnight

Busan 8pm

Busan 11pm

Anyang 9pm

Bundang 9pm

Incheon 9pm

Suwon 9pm

Changwon 8pm

Daegu 9pm

Gwangju 9pm

Ulsan 10:30pm

Is your location not listed? If you can get a minimum of 35 and up to 45 people together, we will get you your own bus for your own group at the departure time of your choice.

Please use the Facebook Group to start a discussion such as “Let’s Get a Bus from Cheongju” etc… There are already a couple of those going, so check those out and rally your troops. If you can get the people, we can organize it for you.



T-Shirt Contest Update:

Still looking!

This is a message for anyone out there that considers themselves to be creative or artistic. We need a design for this year’s Mudfest T-shirt that we’ll be giving to everyone.

Here’s how it works:

1. The winner of the contest gets 100,000 won and gets to have their work printed up on 800+ t-shirts.

2. Send your ideas with the subject “Contest” to boryeong.mudfest@gmail.com

3. Let us know if you’ll be able to submit your work in AI format (Adobe Illustrator) The file eventually needs to be an AI file in order to be used for the t-shirt and if you do your work with AI, that is helpful. (But, feel free to send even if you don’t)

4. Include your name and phone number in the email, along with whatever you think would convince us that your idea is best.

5. Deadline will be extended to Monday May 17th.


Can you submit multiple entries?


Can you use copyrighted stuff?


What kind of design do you like?

Ummm…can be funny, can be clever, can be serious. You can use a tag line or no tag line.

Can it be really complicated?

Remember, it’s going on a t-shirt, so better to keep it one color if possible.

Can I enter even if I’m not going to Mudfest?

Ahh, I guess…but why aren’t you going?

Can I post my design on the Fbook group and try to get a whole bunch of people to say that my design is the coolest in order to sway your decision? Ummm, sure, if you want.

OK…have a great weekend! Supposed to be warm and sunny. Maybe we’ll have to have our first BBQ of the year! Anyone in the Bundang/Jukjeon area feel free to friend me and I’ll post on Fbook if we are firing it up.


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