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GEPIK Results for Feb/March 2010

January 28th, 2010
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Here are the results for the GEPIK school board selection process. I will do a rough translation of what was sent to us from the school board when they emailed us the results.

First, they have chosen 140 people this time. They are saving the rest of the positions for a second round for the end of March in hopes of getting high-quality applicants.

Here are the factors they used in choosing:

1. Licensed teachers
2. Education Majors
3. English/Literature and related majors
4. People with GEPIK experience where references checked out well.
People under the above but that didn’t get placed are usually the result of references not being good or chosen location not matching up, and also duplicate applications (ie. same person submitted by multiple recruiters)

They are asking us for another group of teachers that we recommend to them for the remaining end of March positions. They are asking only for Education Majors, English Majors, or Licensed Teachers. So, we will go through our list and re-send the appropriate candidates that didn’t get placed this round.

No further interviews required for those who have been accepted at this point.

They are going to be accepting docs from the recruiting companies on Feb 1st and Feb 8th. So, absolute latest to get docs to your recruiter would be about Feb 5th. We have to go through all of your docs and make sure everything is in order, add anything missing, and present it perfectly to them.

Then, they will prepare the Notice of Appointment and contract and send it to the teacher via DHL. They will tell us the tracking number and we tell the teacher at which point you complete the visa process at your local Korean Consulate.

Arrivals should be for end of Feb, around the 26th and the contract start date is March 1st. For anyone who has been offered a position but can’t take it, they need to know right away (and thus, so do we).

So…there were about 1080 teachers fighting for 140 positions. ASK Now placed the second highest number at 13 teachers. One company ended up with 15 or 16 I believe, and everyone else was less than us. So, in terms of comparison to other companies, that’s good…in terms of overall number of teachers placed, it sucks. We have so many great candidates that were passed over. We have people with good experience, great personalities etc…but no luck.

In the past, basically everyone that we recommended to GEPIK got jobs. This time around, we are at 8%. (13 out of 150 candidates).

There are also GEPIK schools that do their own hiring and we are working on these as well. We are hoping to place more of you guys and we are hoping that schools who have been super-picky (female, Caucasian, young, North American, attractive, Education Major only please) become a bit more realistic and flexible. We’ll see where February takes us.

Overall though, it’s a new world and this application process brought that home for us. We are working on a partnership with a TESOL provider to get a discount for our teachers who want to beef up their resume from Level 3 to Level 2. I am also suggesting the following to all of our clients: Make a 30-60 second Youtube self-intro video. Send us the link so we can send it to schools. This will set you apart and allow the school to see you before having to commit to an interview.

So, the winners are (only last name for privacy. We will be contacting those who were accepted directly with the next step and more details. If you are not sure if the name on the list is yours or not, let us know)…

Hollingsworth Suwon Feb 26th
Surber Hwaseong Feb 26th
Briscoe Hwaseong Feb 26th
Allen Hwaseong Feb 26th
Erdman Siheung Feb 26th
Schaub Yongin March 26th
Powell Hwaseong Feb 26th
McKendry Hwaseong Feb 26th
Collins Hwaseong March 26th
Lilleskov Hwaseong March 26th
Reyes Yongin Feb 26th
Webster Uijeongbu March 26th
D.Young Hwaseong Feb 26th

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Results for GEPIK Today?

January 26th, 2010
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So, we should be getting the results for the 196 GEPIK openings today. As soon as we get them, we will notify those who were selected and try to do a general notification so that everyone can see (without sharing everyone’s info). I must say I am very excited and it almost feels like waiting for Christmas, but I don’t quite think the results will be as good as Christmas normally is!

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